Who is Julez?

Julez is an artist born in Cali, Colombia, who lives in Munich. He is a publicist by profession and has worked for more than 10 years as an art director in multinational agencies in different countries. His skills as an art director led him to make digital works and, shortly after, paintings that combine different techniques, materials and surfaces.

Artistic inspiration from Julez

Influences from different cultures and genres can be observed in his work, giving visual importance to popular culture, street ornaments, typical words or phrases, myths and legends, and a wide range of colours.

Julez exhibition "The New Neighbours" in Munich - Kunstlabor2

The New Neighbours - The traditional world is full of authorities, prohibitions, class distinctions, races, etc. ... Cultural diversity has been geographically or politically separated for centuries.
Cultural diversity is necessary for humanity because it is a source of exchange, innovation and creativity. In this sense, it represents the common heritage of humanity and must be recognised and consolidated for the benefit of present and future generations.
"I believe that mixing and merging (of cultures, arts, races, food, music, etc.) is one of the positive ways of humanity. It is a means of access to a satisfying intellectual, affective, moral and spiritual existence and therefore expands the choices available to all with greater tolerance, openness and curiosity about the new."

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