Birthday workshop: Stencil Workshop | Kids

Workshop for all enthusiastic stencil artists!

Would you like to celebrate your birthday with friends and/or family in a completely different way? Then book your exclusive stencil workshop at KUNSTLABOR 2 in Dachauer Straße in Munich.  

We offer stencil birthday packages for all age groups (from 8 years) with a maximum of 10 participants.

Stencil is the English word for "stencil". Stencil is also the term used to describe street and Graffiti artThe design is not created freehand, but with the help of stencils. The stencils are usually made of cardboard, plastic or laminated paper and have the advantage that the designed motif can be reproduced identically.

Stone Age people already used the stencil technique to create cave paintings: they held their hands to the walls and splashed paint over them.

Today's stencils use paint from spray cans as well as brushes, oil pastels or airbrushes.

In our workshop in KUNSTLABOR 2 you will learn how to make a stencil with cutter and paper and how to create your own cool stencil with spray technique.

From the paper to the implementation on the wall, you will be accompanied by our workshop leaders who, with their many years of experience, can also provide you with all the knowledge you need about spraying.

Style, colours, technology and cool stories await you here at KUNSTLABOR 2.

Frequently asked questions

General questions:

All workshops take place at KUNSTLABOR 2, Dachauer Straße 90, 80335 Munich. They take place partly indoors in our large workshop area, partly outdoors in one of our two courtyards. 

All participants will be picked up at the reception of KUNSTLABOR 2.

All materials will of course be provided by us. Please bring or wear clothes that can get dirty.

For the courses in which the spray cans are used, please bring your own FFP2 mask!

You are welcome to work within our Opening hours discover our exhibition space in KUNSTLABOR 2 before or after the workshop. Admission is included for all workshops.

Workshops can also be booked as a closed group. (e.g. as a birthday group). For enquiries please send an e-mail to: 

For the private birthday courses, 10 people are included in the price. Depending on the age of the participants, a maximum of 13 to 14 people can also take part by arrangement. The additional costs for this can then be paid on site.  

Unfortunately, an exchange or refund of the booked fixed workshop ticket is not possible.

The following cancellation conditions apply to bookings for closed groups:

Up to 1 week before appointment: free of charge

6-4 days before date: Retention 50% of workshop price

3-2 days before date: Retention 75 % of workshop price

1-0 days before date: Retention 100 % of workshop price

Questions specifically about graffiti workshops:

The classes will also take place outside in light rain, please bring appropriate clothing. If it rains too much, there will be an indoor alternative or we will find an alternative date.

Please wear old clothes that can get paint on them. Regardless of the corona layer, you always need an FFP2 mask when spraying to protect yourself from the aerosols. Please bring along!

No, graffiti workshops do not take place in the winter months due to bad weather conditions. However, alternatives are offered that take place in the warmth

Further questions?

Please feel free to contact the KUNSTLABOR 2 team:


Phone: +49 (0)89 32963420