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HOTEL UTOPIA - An interactive parlour game about borders, bureaucracy and the value of passports

6 November 2023

(Image: Yavuz Narin)

First performance on 6 November 2023
Further performances: 7-12 November 2023
Admission: 19:00/19:20/19:40h


Tickets online only: https://hotelutopia.eventbrite.de


In "Hotel Utopia", director Christiane Mudra and the ensemble invite the participants to change their perspective. Equipped with passports from different countries and data based on real biographies, the audience embarks on a Kafkaesque transit space in search of recognition in a new country and encounters the challenges of the German welcome culture.


with Meriam Abbas, Sebastian Gerasch, Gabriele Graf, Melda Hazırcı, Ariella Hirshfeld, Waki Meier, Richard Manualpillai

Concept, research, text and direction: Christiane Mudra

System Architecture and Game Design: Markus Schubert

Costume/ Passes: Sarah Silbermann

Space/Props: Julia Kopa

Lighting design and technical direction: Peer Quednau

Video/Flyer: Yavuz Narin

Production management: ehrliche arbeit - freies Kulturbüro


A production by Christiane Mudra/ investigative theatre, funded by the Optionsförderung of the City of Munich.

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6 November 2023
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/ Dachauer Str. 90 / 80335 Munich Germany